Gladiator Lite 10’6 Review


The Gladiator Lite paddle board with its stringer construction is the baby brother of the Gladiator Elite. You can inflate the Gladiator Lite to 20 psi to get the maximum rigidity out of it for heavier riders. This board is aimed at those looking to get started on a budget and comes in at £399 for everything in the package, including the double action pump, alloy paddle, coil-leash and over-sized rucksack bag all shipped for free, to your door.  

Gladiator Paddle Boards come from a long established European rib manufacturer; they’ve been supplying Gladiator boards to Eastern Europe for seven years and entered the UK two years ago. This clean, smart-looking 10’6 is fitted with: cargo bungee, front tow point, and underneath removable US centre fin and two moulded parallel side fins. The paddle is a 3-piece adjustable alloy paddle and comes packaged in the rucksack. Although not on our test model, the board now comes with a rear carry-handle too.  

The Gladiator Lite Stringer high-density drop stitch mirrors the quality of premium brands. GladiatorLite doesn’t stop there with premium paddle board expectations: the board shape is 32 wide throughout the mid-section with a well designed nose and tail to give the rider a stable shape that paddles through the water with exceptional ease. This is partly down to the premium 4’75 thick high density drop stitch meaning the rider’s board partially sits in the water and not on it, allowing the rider to paddle efficiently on the water.  

The Gladiator Lite is the lowest price package (to include board, paddle, pump, leash and rucksack) we’ve tested yet and is aimed at people looking for a low-cost inflatable sup. The Gladiator Lite’s design puts it right in the middle of the pack of all-rounders; 10’6 and 32” wide with 240 litres gives the right combination of stability and handling for any situation that families and recreation paddlers are likely to put the board through. In its intended flat water environment this board performs very much as you’d expect a 10’6 inflatable would. So how have the team behind Gladiator managed to produce such a keenly-priced board? Well compared with more expensive all-rounders you’ll notice the grooved deck-pad is not as fancy as a diamond-cut one, the paddle is 3-piece alloy and the stringer construction results in a more supple material which will require you to inflate to at least 18 psi. If you are  on t he heavier side (over 95 kilo’s) this board is also available in a 10’8 version. Gladiator Lite is an all round family friendly fun SUP board that does what it promises and will no doubt find its way under the feet of many new
paddlers this season. 

Review by
SUP International Magazine
Original Review can be found here

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