The Gladiator Story

Changing the game
Gladiator are a true revolution in the world of inflatable paddleboards. The materials and construction methods used are comparable to the very top boards on the market, but Gladiator paddleboards come in at a fraction of the price. Find out more about how we do it and the game-changing world of Gladiator Paddleboards.

Gladiator is the dedicated inflatable paddleboard division of BS-Marine Ltd.

Since 2009 the company have been manufacturing inflatable boats and RIBS, building a name for themselves as an innovative and ambitious brand. Meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising drive to create boats of the highest quality has meant that they’ve gone from strength to strength. This background made for a smooth transition into manufacturing inflatable paddleboards, with all of the same principles of quality, performance and value. Gladiator is world recognised for high-quality premium products at an affordable price, with growing retail outlets world-wide.

Tried, tested & loved

How can Gladiator produce premium boards at an affordable price? Simple. They manufacture the boards in their own factory.

Gladiator build inflatable paddleboards that use top quality materials and construction techniques, the same methods used by the biggest and most-established of paddleboard brands. So the boards truly compete with the best on the market, but something is very different… The price. Gladiator are brand and factory, allowing prices to stay lower before they reach the seller. With an efficient supply chain and targeting the price-conscious European market, Gladiator paddleboards are far lower in price than all of their like-for-like competitors.

You cannot get a better board, for a better price
  • Allround, performance all-round and touring boards designed & made with 4.7″ thick premium dropstitch as well as heavier rider boards made with 5.9″ dropstitch .
  • Stable design, allowing beginners to advanced paddlers to enjoy all aspects of paddleboarding, from SUP surf, to playing with the kids, to adventure.
  • Attention to detail during manufacture which can only be achieved from a dedicated paddleboard factory.
  • Gluing and sealing methods enable a 26PSI rating, creating a stiffness rating that is up there with the best.
  • Origin, Pro and Elite versions of the boards, allowing for a price-point choice as well as precision boards for those who need them.
  • Double Laminated Fusion Technology as well as X-Weave, allowing for durable and light board choices.
  • 3 years warranty for customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Packages include everything you need to get out on the water. In the Elite range: Full Carbon Paddle, Large Wheeled Bag, Leash, US fin & SUPer Pump. – Pro Range: Carbon Nylon Paddle, Large Wheeled Bag, Leash, US Fin & Double Action Pump. –  Origin Range: Fiberglass/Nylon Paddle, Large Oversized Bag, Leash & US Fin & Double Action Pump.
Gladiator are so confident in the quality of their inflatable paddleboards that they offer an incredible 3 year warranty, so you can buy with total confidence.
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