Top materials & tech,
Without the price tag
Gladiator Paddleboards are a true revolution, with construction that competes with the top premium brands, but at a price that blows them out of the water. With two construction types to choose between there is a board for everybody.
Gladiator Paddleboards

The Lite Range

A lightweight yet stiff and durable construction, at an unbeatable price.

Premium dropstitch material with stringer technology, and a great stable shape.

A central stringer and double layer sidewalls increase durability and stiffness without adding too much weight (think Fanatic Ray Air and Starboard iGo for similar technologies). These boards are stiff, and so the allround shapes boast a 4.7″ thickness for optimum performance; budget inflatable paddleboards are usually 6" thick in order to achieve the necessary stiffness, but the uncompromising Gladiator construction means that a stiff board is created at 4.7" thick, for a superior paddling experience.

Features include a centre handle for easy transportation and bungee tie downs for carrying kit whilst paddling. All Gladiator paddleboards come with a 3 year warranty.

Prices start at £369
Gladiator Paddleboards

The Elite Range

Premium construction for the ultimate in lightweight stiffness, for real performance.

Double Laminated Fusion Technology that is around 30% lighter-weight than a standard double layer construction.

Gladiator Elite paddleboards are made from Double Laminated Fusion Technology, for top stiffness and durability (think Red paddle Co and Fanatic premium for boards that use similar technologies). The materials and joining methods used in our Elite construction enable the boards to reach greater levels of stiffness at lower pressures. The 26psi capability create a stiffness rating that is up there with the best, but you only need to pump up to 18-20psi for an amazingly stiff board. The Elite range is perfect for those looking for top performance and durability from an inflatable paddleboard. We stand by the quality of our boards, offering a 3 year warranty.

Other features include a cargo net for stowing a dry bag or water bottle and a central and rear handle for ease of walking with the board. Included is a premium wheeled backback for easy transportation and storage.

Prices start at £489
Delve a little deeper
Find out more about what makes the Gladiator Lite & Elite inflatable paddleboards so great. Click the links below.
  • Gladiator boards have been designed by pioneering sports people who understand how the shape of the board influences stability. Long rails and a wide tail create a stable shape that glides through the water in a straight line, perfect for beginners to advanced paddlers, whether SUP surfing, touring or playing with the kids.

  • Most allround boards in the Gladiator range are made from 4.75" thick high density drop-stitch, Gladiator paddeboards are up there with the best, Gladiator understanding that the thickness of the board is as important as the width and the length.

    Why is 4.75" thick drop-stitch so important and why not use 6 inch drop-stitch? 4.75" is the closest any board manufacturer can get to the thickness of a hard board. 4 inches is too thin and you will end up with too much flex in the board if you are over 7 stone in weight. 6 inches is too thick; your board will sit high out of the water, which is fine on a perfectly flat day when there is no wind or waves, but in UK weather you’ll struggle with stability. If you're falling in, chances are your 6 inch thick board is the culprit! Whether it be Gladiator or any other premium brand, go for a 4.75" thick board in a 10’6 length and you will love the sport and feel awesome.

    The boards designed for heavier riders in the Gladiator range are 6" thick, as the heavier rider has enough weight to sink the board to the required depth for good stability.

  • All Gladiator paddleboards are glued and sealed with a double layer side wall to enable 20psi capability in the Lite range and 26psi in the Elite range, creating a stiffness rating that is up there with the best. Although capable of holding these higher pressures, you will only need to pump up to 18psi to get a amazingly stiff board.

  • All Gladiator Lite boards come with centre carry handle and the Elite range features both rear and centre handles. These make it easy to carry the board to the beach, lake and river.

  • All Gladiator paddleboards come with a full package; everything you need to get out on the water. Included with both the Lite and Elite ranges is a double action pump by well known manufacture Bravo, a Gladiator leash, a US fin and a repair kit.

    The Lite boards come with a quality oversized backpack and a high quality alloy paddle.

    The Elite range goes one step further, including a premium oversized wheeled backpack which features a handy front pocket for the pump, a side pocket for the paddle and 2 comfortable handles for carrying or pulling on along on the wheels. The paddle that is included is a very high quality carbon-nylon paddle, for a more efficient paddling stroke.

  • At Gladiator we operate with an attention to detail¬†throughout the manufacture process that can only be achieved from within a dedicated paddleboard factory. Gladiator's factory is just for Gladiator paddleboards and ribs, meaning the dedicated team really know what they're doing, and do it to perfection.

  • For total customer confidence and satisfaction we include 3 years extended warranty as standard on all Gladiator boards and 1 year on all the accessories against manufacturing defects. We stand by the quality of the Gladiator paddleboards, doing everything we can to ensure that you have an amazing experience with your board.

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